We offer a buffé…

that includes everything from soups and dishes to commodities that you yourself can compose after your taste.

Choose from different species of fish, pork, beef and seafood that includes clams, squid, shrimp and crayfish.

Take your favorite food and put it on a plate. Give it to our chefs who then wok the food for you.

Selections from the buffet

  • CL0R1606
  • CL0R1627
    California roll
  • CL0R1629
  • CL0R1628
    Färsk Lax
  • CL0R1605
    Färska Räkor
  • CL0R1538

Östra Hamngatan


Lunchbuffé 109kr
Kvällsbuffé 168kr
Helgsbuffé 198kr
Stor stark 43kr
Husets vin 43kr



Lunchbuffé 99/109kr
Kvällsbuffé 139kr
Helgsbuffé 198kr
Stor stark 43kr
Husets vin 43kr

Please make sure not to waste food. Take several times instead. Excess food thrown may cost extra. Every sitdown is 2.5 h